Code of Conduct

Dear Parents and Guardians

This Student Code of Conduct provides an overview of William Penn School District’s expectations related to how students should interact with peers and adults. The contents of this booklet highlight the following:

  1. A positive and safe school setting
  2. Rights and responsibilities of students
  3. Attendance responsibilities
  4. Procedures for disciplinary actions
  5. Policies related to inappropriate actions as defined by the State Board of Education.

To support students in adhering to these regulations, the District incorporates the use of many social-emotional learning (SEL) practices; Positive Behavior Intervention Support, Restorative Practices, and programs to equip students to respond effectively and appropriately in situations. The district will ensure that teachers and school staff are aware and knowledgeable of these practices.

I encourage you to read the Student Code of Conduct and be aware of its contents. We expect students to abide by the guide and we expect staff to support students in accomplishing these goals and helping to develop students’ individual potential.

Review this Code of Conduct with your child. After your review, please provide a signed Student Code of Conduct Sign-off Form to your child’s school to affirm that you have reviewed the Discipline Code, Internet Usage Agreement, and Uniform Policy.

Any updates made to the Code during the school year will be included there. Contact your child’s principal if you have questions or require assistance about the Code.

I look forward to supporting you and your child(ren) as we embark upon a new and different school year. I am committed to serve and will ensure that the District supports students in their pursuit of a quality education.

Thank you, take care and remain safe.

Eric J. Becoats, Ed.D.

Code of Conduct

Read and download the Code of Conduct here.

Dress Code

The Dress Code can be found here.

Policy 233: Suspension and Expulsion