Facilities Master Plan

10-Year Facilities Master Plan


Improve existing building infrastructure through renovated school buildings and HVAC system replacements.

Alleviate overcrowding in school buildings through facility improvements and new grade configuration (K-5 for elementary, 6-8 for middle, and 9-12 for high school).

Update student academic environments by providing new 21st century learning spaces.

All schools will receive upgrades. Significant improvements will be made at:

Kerr Field (partial rendering seen here)

Bell Ave. Elementary

East Lansdowne Elementary

Evans Elementary

Walnut St. Elementary

Penn Wood High – Cypress St.

Penn Wood High – Green Ave.

Construction began in 2023, and your support makes a difference.

The district is exploring grant money and partnerships, as well as advocating for federal funding. However, there could be a tax increase of approximately $90 per year, on a house assessed at $125,000 (approx. $720 total in 8 years). With your tax dollars and support, we can realize these improvements and have 21st-Century facilities for our students and staff.



Facilities Master Plan Progress

Facilities Master Plan (Updated January 2022)

Facilities Master Plan (Updated 11/3/21)

Facilities Master Plan (10/6/21)

Kerr Field

See the progress of the Kerr Field renovation project here!