Business Administration

The Business Office is responsible for the overall fiscal management of the District, including budget preparation, payroll processing and reporting, accounts payable/receivable, investment of funds, purchasing of goods and services, fixed asset accounting, and real estate tax collection. The Business Administrator also oversees the Food Service, Facilities, and Transportation departments.

The Business Office will continually strive to improve our practices through evaluations and available resources. We will practice transparency, good communication and teamwork while also providing employees with a challenging and fulfilling work environment.

The Business Office will be committed to the overall success of the district and its strategic plan while being committed to continuous improvement of its processes and services.

Tax Information

Local Tax Collectors

Jerry Barber

Lisa Mujahid

Donald Deigh

East Lansdowne

William T. Smith

Yolanda Hughes


Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Program

What is the Homestead Exclusion Program?
On April 13, 2009, the Governor implemented the Homestead and Farmstead Exclusions (Act 1), which allows school districts the ability to reduce their taxes based on revenue received from the state.

For more information on program, click below.

Maintenance & Operations

200 Pine Street, Colwyn
Charles Wattley
General Manager
610-534-5405 (Fax)

Food Services

200 Pine Street, Colwyn
Eric Colebaugh

Transportation Contractor

First Student
Transportation Department
610-461-2586 or 610-284-8005 (see extensions below)

  • Tammy Johnson (Dispatcher) Ext. 5106
  • Janita Calloway (Dispatcher) Ext. 5105
  • Melissa Sheltone (Dispatcher) Ext. 5107
  • Dwayne Newsome (Operations Supervisor) Ext. 5111
  • Mike Powell (Location Manager) Ext. 5112

Send emails to Melissa Sheltone at

Budgets and Audits

William Penn School District’s annual budgets for the past two years.


William Penn School District’s audits for the past two years.

Meet the Business Administration Staff

Robert Kaufmann
Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Business Department
Shawn Ryan
Assistant Business Administrator/Treasurer
Business Department
Denise Cancellarich
Payroll Supervisor
Business Department
Darnell Deans
Operations Manager
Business Department
Joann Sumner
Purchasing Assistant & Secretary to the Asst Business Manager
Business Department
Kyairra Mathies
Confidential Office Manager/Assistant Board Secretary
Business Department
Carmalita Womack
Accounts Payable Assistant
Business Office