Penn Wood High School (Green Avenue Campus) Renovation and Addition Project

In alignment with the William Penn School District’s 10 year facilities master plan, the Penn Wood High School (Green Avenue Campus) will undergo a full renovation with an addition.

Goals of Project: 

Of the many items that will be achieved from this project, the primary goals of the renovation and addition are:

  1. Bring the facility to ADA compliance
  2. Improve Security
  3. Improve indoor air quality through updated HVAC technologies
  4. Prepare for the arrival of 9th grade students
  5. Provide a facility to meet the educational needs of the 21st century

High Level Timeline: 

April 2023 – September 2023: Preliminary Design

October 2023 – December 2024: Construction Documentation

January 2025 – February 2025: Project Bidding/Project Awarding

March 2025 – August 2027: Construction (Renovation and Addition)

Recent Events: 

Zoning Hearing

The William Penn School District participated in its initial zoning hearing with the Lansdowne Borough on April 18, 2024. Images of the proposed plan that were shared at the meeting can be found below.

To view the proposed Penn Wood High School (Green Avenue Campus) Site Plan, please click HERE

To view additional drawings of the proposed Penn Wood High School (Green Avenue Campus), please click HERE