Penn Wood High School Celebrates Top 10 Seniors of 2024

Lansdowne, PAMay 2, 2024

In a ceremony filled with pride and excitement, Penn Wood High School unveiled its top 10 seniors for the graduating class of 2024. These exceptional students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements, exemplary leadership qualities, and a dedication to excellence that has left a mark on the school community.

With a resounding applause from faculty, staff, and proud family members, each of the top 10 seniors was announced and received recognition for their remarkable accomplishments with a certificate and t-shirt that has their name and their top 10 number.

Congratulations to:

#1  Alexander Miller
#2  Aniyah Frazier
#3  Adetola Ade-Oyetayo
#4  Reneem Farhan
#5  Simiat Fatokun
#6  Jessica Canas
#7  Tia Aniyah Little
#8  Hayat Mohammed
#9  Josephine Kpakah
#10 Khalil Rahmoun