Penn Wood Seniors Share Thoughts on Joy on Dr. Becoats Podcast

Lansdowne, PAApril 17, 2024

Three Penn Wood High School seniors recently had the opportunity to discuss a vital topic – JOY – with Dr. Becoats on his podcast, “What Do You Say? With Dr. Eric J.”

In the second episode of the season, Dr. Becoats dives into the concept of joy with the insightful Penn Wood students. The episode explores how these busy students navigate their lives while finding moments of happiness and fulfillment.

The podcast offers an inspiring listen, featuring the students’ personal stories and practical tips on cultivating joy in everyday life.  Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights and strategies for boosting their happiness.

“What Do You Say? with Dr. Eric J.” is a bi-monthly podcast where Superintendent Dr. Eric Becoats talks about a variety of topics related to public schools, education, and more. During each episode, he welcomes a guest and they discuss a monthly theme. Tune in to hear what they have to say!

The podcast can be found here.