Speaker McClinton Visits Walnut St. Elementary School

Lansdowne, PADecember 18, 2023

Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton visited Walnut Steet Elementary School on Monday, December 18, as part of the school’s Speaker Series program. This program aims to bring professionals from various fields to share their work and life experiences with the school’s 6th-grade students. This was McClinton’s second visit to the school.

The students welcomed McClinton with enthusiasm and curiosity. They conducted research and prepared questions for Speaker McClinton, ranging from her role and responsibilities as a legislator to her challenges and achievements as a woman of color in politics, to her advice and tips for aspiring leaders. McClinton answered the questions with honesty and encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and passions.

During her visit, McClinton spoke to the students about her role as a legislator and a leader, and how she overcame challenges and obstacles in her career. She also answered questions from the students and gave them advice on how to pursue their goals and dreams. McClinton said she was impressed by the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm and hoped to inspire them to become future leaders and changemakers. McClinton also praised the school for its Speaker Series program, saying that it was a great way to expose the students to different career paths and opportunities. She said that she was honored to be invited and hoped to inspire the students with her story. She also thanked the teachers and staff for their dedication and hard work in educating the next generation. Mr. Joseph Williams, Walnut Street Elementary School principal, said; “We were honored to have Speaker McClinton visit our school and inspire our 6th-grade students with her story. She is a role model for our community and a leader in our state. We are grateful for her time and generosity.”

The visit ended with a group photo and a round of applause from the students. McClinton said that she also enjoyed the interaction and learned a lot from the students. She said that she looked forward to revisiting the school in the future.