WPSD Statement – The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

WPSD Statement – The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Dear William Penn School District Community:

These past two years have been difficult; challenging our resilience and humanity. Now we are faced with another significant incident that impacts our entire world. The invasion of Ukraine is troubling and unsettling. Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Ukraine as they endure an attack on their country, and with the residents of Russia who do not support the invasion.

For many of our Ukrainian-American community members, these events are particularly concerning. Some have friends and family in or cultural ties to Ukraine and Russia. We want to offer our sincere concern for what they are going through.

In our community, there are those who have U.S. military family members and are also impacted by these recent events. We extend our appreciation to those serving to protect our rights and freedoms, and to the sacrifices made by the families of our service members.

It is likely some children have been exposed to news reports or overheard conversations about the situation unfolding in Ukraine and may be frightened or confused. Our school staff is here to offer support. If you believe your child is struggling with the current events in Ukraine and would like a staff member to speak with them, please reach out to either the building principal or school counselor.

Below are resources for talking with children about war or violence:

For All Ages:

Helping Your Students Cope With a Violent World: Edutopia article features strategies for helping children make sense with historical perspective, feel empowered, and inspire them to feel hopeful.
How to Talk to Kids About Violence, Crime, and War: Common Sense Media gathers tips and conversation starters to help you talk to kids of different ages about the toughest topics.
Talking to Your Kids About War: Very Well Family explores ways families can speak with young people about war, including tips on sharing information and restricting media coverage.

For Elementary/Middle School Students:

Resilience in a time of war: Tips for parents and teachers of elementary school children: This article from the American Psychological Association can help adults guide their young children beyond fear and to resilience.
Resilience in a time of war: Tips for parents and teachers of middle school children: The American Psychological Association breaks out tips and strategies for parents and teachers of middle school-aged children.

William Penn School District is committed to promoting peace and belonging in our school community and are hopeful for a swift end to this violence. Again, we are here to support our students, families, and staff. Please let us know any way we can be of assistance.

Take care,

Eric J. Becoats, Ed.D.