Principal’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Colwyn Elementary School!  As Principal of Colwyn Elementary School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year! Colwyn Elementary School is a dedicated community; I feel so honored to be your child’s Principal.  My colleagues and I appreciate the trust that you have by sending your children to school every day.  We are all excited to have students with their families in our classrooms. Therefore, we can continue to focus on the collective vision of the school,

“Colwyn Elementary School will maintain a safe and nurturing school climate where teaching and learning are priorities.  Students will receive a firm academic foundation through standards-based instruction.  We will prepare our students for the rigors of academic excellence beyond the elementary years.  We will help our students develop appropriate values by encouraging them to make the right choices and consider how their actions may affect their lives.”

Our work is not easy, but as a community of professionals, WE ALL – teachers, principal, school counselor, support staff and the many others working with us – are collaborating in pursuit of reaching a shared vision. We all have important roles and talents to share in helping our children reach their full potential, and we are proud to join with you, our Parents, the most important resource when educating our students.  We look forward to partnering with you to achieve our School‘s Goals to move our children Forward with Focus in:

Reaching Overall Achievement Goals: ELA 60%; Math 41%; Science 68%
Meeting the achievement expectation for 75% of our students to perform at or above grade level on Common Assessments in ELA and Math,
Applying Higher Order Thinking Skills across the content areas,
Differentiating Instruction in Math to meet the needs of every learner, and
Hosting a variety of Title, I Parent Involvement events.
To all of our Colwyn Elementary School students, along with every teacher and support staff, we extend best wishes to you for a happy and successful school year.  We stand committed to working with you, our students and your parents as you advance throughout the year.  There will be many opportunities for you to work hard to expand your academic knowledge and develop your personal talents.  Please take advantage of these positive opportunities.


As a student, you are expected to follow all Colwyn Elementary School positive behavior expectations.   With your parents’ help, we want you to be the best so remember as a Colwyn Elementary School Cougar:

You pledge to be SAFE, to be a good LISTENER to ACT RESPONSIBLY and to RESPECT yourself and others

These expectations are created for the benefit and welfare of the entire school and community.  They are expected to/from school, on school grounds, on school buses, at school activities, and on field trips or other events.  They are expected in the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, and on the playground.  Everyone will celebrate how well you make Colwyn Elementary School an enjoyable school for everyone to learn, work, and live together!

Each day you attend school, always remember you are the most important member of the Colwyn Community.  Practice good study habits and get help from your teachers whenever you need it.  Work hard and do your very best.  I look forward to celebrating your success.



Dr. Dawnée A. Watson-Bouie


Dawnée Watson-Bouie