Student Activities

Colwyn Elementary School promotes activities that allow students to showcase their talents and interests outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Students are encouraged to participate in after school activities such as the SEL girls group, science club which incorporates a science fair and theater club which hosts a highly anticipated production at the end of the school year.

Colwyn 5th Grade students also participate in The Dancing Classrooms Philly program. Which brings arts to the classroom by fostering self-esteem, social awareness and joy in children through ballroom dances.

Colwyn students in grades 4-6 have an opportunity to participate in The Delaware County Reading Olympics which focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of books students read for enjoyment. Our Title I Student of the Quarter celebrations recognizes school-wide growth and success towards student achievement.

Dress Code

The Dress Code can be found here.

Supply List

Here are supplies your student(s) will need for the year.